Information and communication technologies have seen both a rapid and a constraining evolution in recent years. Rapid due to the growing number of technological innovations coming onto the market, and constraining because it obliges companies and individuals to confront several technological and human challenges. The digital transformation has intensified with technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and blockchain. Because of these innovations and their applications, digitalization affects many company functions, notably the supply chain. Digitalizing the supply chain is more and more necessary as an unavoidable approach for any company striving to be sustainable and remain competitive. Digitalization, as a technological, economic and social project, interests not only practitioners. It also interests researchers in logistics and supply chain management.

The latter, in exploring the recent supply chain phenomenon, want to help managers better understand it in order to fully benefit from its advantages. To do this, many questions arise: How is digitalization transforming the logistics process? What are the main stages of a successful supply chain digitalization process? How can digitalization create value for stakeholders? Under what conditions can digitalization be a source of performance and competitiveness? What is the role of digitalization in sustainable supply chains? What is the impact of digitalization on supply chain jobs?

PROLOG – Project Logistic

The increase of competition and the rapid technological change, characterizing the nowadays business environment require a shift towards new paradigms in the fields of logistics and project management. Aiming to increase their business performance, companies adopt new logistics and project related strategies, oriented not only towards technical excellence and optimization, but also towards innovation. The international Conference PROLOG is a scientific event, aimed at creating a synergy between the field of logistics/SCM and Project Management. It also promotes research, focusing on contemporary issues in SCM and Project Management, allowing an incremental contribution to theory and value creation for companies.



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